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Fishtail Swags

Easy to hang ... and very affordable

Fishtail Swags can be a great choice when your window decorating goals include any of the following:

  • Add color and a finished look to any window
  • Frame and dress up your windows while allowing outside light to come into the room.
  • Create an "open look" so outside views are not blocked

Fishtail Swags are woven with 100% cotton yarns and come in variety of stripes, plaids, and checks. Each is fully lined with a cotton muslin fabric.

And we make hanging your Fishtail Swags so easy. Choose from 6 styles of Curtain Hooks each set complete with mounting hardware.

  • How To Hang Your Fishtail Swag
  • Don't Forget Your Fishtail Swag Hooks
  • How to Hang Your Fishtail Swags

    1. Mount your swag holders according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    2. Use a piece of removable tape to mark the middle of the top of your window frame.
    3. Lay your pressed fishtail swag on a flat work surface with the lining side up. Then fold accordion style. Each fold should be about 4 inches wide (as shown). You should end up with the patterned side down on the bottom fold and the patterned side up on the top fold.

    4. FishTail Swag Fanfold
    5. Mark the middle of your swag with a piece of removable tape.
    6. Lay your fishtail swag over swag holders matching up the taped marks of your swag and the window frame.
    7. Adjust the folds by gently pulling on the lower folds of the swag to lengthen your fishtail swag at the center while keeping the upper folds at the top nearly straight. Remove the tape from both the window frame and the swag. Adjust the cascades at the sides of the window as needed.
    8. Enjoy your new window treatment!

    Fishtail Swag hung on a single window

    How To Fanfold Your Fishtail Swag

    Fishtail Swag hung on a double window

    Fishtail Swag hung on a double window