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How to Measure

Measuring Tips

  1. Mount hardware before taking any measurements. The most accurate measurements are obtained when hardware is in place.
  2. To obtain accurate measurements, always use a metal or wooden tape measure. Never use a flexible cloth tape, as they tend to stretch.
  3. Enlist the help of a friend to hold one end of the tape measure in position when taking measurements. An additional set of hands helps speed the process along.
  4. Use a stepladder to reach the top of the window.
  5. Measure each window in the same room; windows that appear to be the same size frequently are not. Use a pencil and paper to record measurements and identify each window.
  6. Double-check all measurements before ordering. Keep your written notes on hand as a reference.

Measuring Basics

Measuring Basics

Measuring Width
Measuring Length

  1. Valance Length – 10” – 20” in length when used as top treatment. Can be used alone or layered over panels.
  2. Sill Length – The finished length should be a ¼” above the sill or at the   bottom of the molding below the sill.
  3. Apron Length – Usually falls 4” below the sill. Mostly used in casual settings.
  4. Café Length – Popular for use in kitchens. Usually covers ½ the length of the window.
  5. Floor Length – Panels should fall about ½” above the floor.
  6. Puddle Length – An additional 6” – 10” of length is added, which is gracefully arranged on the floor.