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Empire Pole Swags

Our classic Empire Pole Swags will transform ordinary windows into extraordinary, adding a stately elegance to any room in your home.

These beautiful swags feature two 30" side jabots and one or more center trumpets depending upon the width of your window. Designed to be hung on a wood pole or decorative rod, Empire Pole Swags are available in 13 widths covering windows measuring 32" to 115" wide. Wider widths are available by special order. Made in our Pretty Windows workroom.

  • How To Measure
  • What Size Should I Order
  • Hanging Your Empire Pole Swag
  • How To Measure For Empire Pole Swags

    1. Measure each window separately as window sizes may vary slightly.
    2. We recommend using a metal tape measure (fabric tape measures may stretch).
    3. (A) If your window has casings, measure from the outside edge of the left window casing across to the outside edge of the right window casing. This is the measurement you will use when ordering your Empire Pole Swags.
    4. (B) If your window does not have casings (a trim molding that encases the window), measure the width of the window, and then add 6 inches. Use this measurement when ordering.