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Hydrangea Onyx Lined Empress Filler Valance

Unit of Sale
Measured & sold as a single valance
Item No
Made To Order in the USA - usually ships in 8 to 10 days.

Enjoy the beauty of hydrangea flowers at your favorite window year round. Boasting large, globe-shaped flower heads in shades of green, grey, blue, and white on a stunning black ground, Hydrangea Onyx Lined Empress Filler Valances are printed on an all cotton fabric and have a self piping along the scalloped bottom of the valance. These versatile valances can be hung alone as pictured on the left - with one filler valance covering windows up to 40" wide. For wider windows, or if you prefer a lot of gather, shirr additional valances on to the same rod as needed. Hydrangea Onyx Lined Empress Filler Valances can also be paired with Hydrangea Onyx Lined Empress Swags (sold separately - see below) to cover wider windows. Insert the filler valance between the right and left swag panels. Valances are fully lined and handcrafted in the USA.

Key Product Details
Item No. WIL-FV7390
Size 52" W x 16" H
Unit of Sale Measured & sold as a single valance
Header 2" header - NOT included in stated overall height
Heading Style Rod Pocket
Rod Pocket Size 3"
Prominent Colors Green, Grey, and White on a Black background
Style Traditional
Textile Material 100% Cotton Duck
Care Instructions Dry Clean Recommended - for best results and to prevent shrinkage
Brand Thomasville At Home
Product Type Scalloped Valances
Lining Lined