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Rod Pocket Curtains

Pretty Windows offers a wide selection of Rod Pocket Curtains in beautiful faux silk, embroidered and jacquard styles, as well as patterned designs. These versatile and easy to hang curtains have a stitched channel (pocket) across the top which allows them to be gathered onto a curtain rod. The standard size of this pocket is 3" inches, which will accomodate a 2½" Continental Rod or decorative rods up to 1⅜" in diameter.

Rod Pocket Curtains may also be attached to curtain rods with ring clips - creating a more contemporary look. Using ring clips has the added benefit of making it easier to pull the curtain panels back and forth over the rod. Some Rod Pocket Curtain styles may have a heading (or header) above the pocket, which forms an instant ruffle when the rod is threaded through.

Whether your decor is traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, Rod Pocket Curtains can be a cost effective solution when compared to traditional pleated draperies hung on traverse rods.

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